Monday, 27 January 2014

Lost listings

I find myself at a loose end today.  It's Monday, and the Australia Day public holiday, so post office is shut, and no Paypal transfers go into my account.

A week ago, as the latest 2,000 free listings bout was coming to an end, I was ending my listings that were finishing soon, and relisting them as "sell similar".     I would do this 50 listings at a time, and then delete them from the Unsold area.  

Just before Christmas I managed to get my number of listings to over 1,000 items.  It was an achievement that I was proud of, but did little to affect my sales.

Anyhow, once I'd done all my end listing / sell similar / delete ended items spate, I realised that my numbers were off.  I had somehow deleted 50 ended listing without doing the "sell similar" first.     I had no idea what these listings were.   *scream*

So, today it's hot, and I'm unmotivated to list anything, so I'm going through all my stock (all 1,000 of them!), and seeing which ones are not listed.   It's good to do this every now and then, as it's amazing how much stock you think is listed, but is nowhere to be seen in your store.   I've also picked up a few duplicate listings, and incorrect titles.

The OCD in me enjoys the process, and I get a feeling of satisfaction.  So far I've checked all my board games and all the kids videos, and already found 20 items that weren't listed.  Woohoo!  Only 820 more items to go.....

Then to start online, for 5 jobs to apply for this week.  Happy times.

Enough seriousness!

A couple of years ago my sister innocently sent me a link to a website that had scans of old crochet/knitting books.    This picture was on the main page at the time.    

Feast your eyes on the cover of this one - let them roam around.  Does anything catch your attention?   I can tell you what caught mine.

My sister is the knitter in our family, so I requested the yellow penis for Christmas (nawww, he has eyes & a nose!), but she has yet to produce one for me.   

 This Christmas Day just a month ago,the family sat around after opening our presents.   I looked my sister in the eye and said "where's my penis?" (for the second Christmas in a row).  She made excuses, but I brushed them aside.    I probably won't see it until I'm ancient, and no need for what I might store in it.    ;-)        (Just kidding, I'll never be too old).

In the meantime I thought I'd share some photos from this cute board game I need to list:

Aren't these rubber sumo's just adorable?   Just look at those magnificent bums.  And who else wants to do a mouth fart on their superb tummies?  I know I do.

But then there's the back cover, where these two have more than a hint of lunacy to their smiles.   

Happy Monday !!


  1. if you want to go the way of the yellow penis the pink hat? above it looks like a condom with a pompom...thats the first thing i saw :D

    1. Oh my, you are right. I never noticed that. LOL. Something to wear for my job interviews, I think. ;-)