Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February update

Oh, I couldn't think of a witty title.  So there it is.  If I wait any longer February will be gone before I can blink.

My store is currently sitting at 150 listings.  A week ago it was at 1,050.  Now all those listings from the last 10,000 free listings offer have rolled off and I'm waiting impatiently for some more free ones, so I can relist everything.

Yes, it's got to that stage.

This morning, I got an invite on my eBay Dashboard, and saw "10,000 Free Listings".  In a rare moment of actual joy, I actually pumped my fist and shouted "Yes!"  - causing one of my parrots to fall off their perch in fright.  But then I read it more carefully and saw it was only for items over $100.    WTF?   I've had about 5 items over $100 in my 15 years on eBay.     

Thanks for nothing !!!!   I may have to bite the bullet and actually fork out for some listing fees.   Nooooooooooooooo.

I wish I had lovely interesting shiny things for sale like other blogs I read.  Here are my best sales so far in February.  Prepare to be underwhelmed !   Board games have been my highest price sellers as usual.

"Nova Ace of Aces WWI Air Combat Game - Balloon Buster 014 - VGC - 100% - 1985"

Bought for ???? - Sold for $19.99

I found this on my bookshelf.  I bought it at an Op shop a couple of years ago, and kept it myself as I have an interest in aeroplanes.  It sat unused.  I don't know who I thought I was going to play this with - myself?

There were no previous sales on this exact one that I could compare, but after research a website said this was the most common one.  So I just put this price on it.   It sold one hour later.  I guess I should have sold it for more.  Oh well.

"Monopoly Australian Edition Board Game - 100% Complete - 12 x Metal Tokens - VGC"

Bought for 50 cents - sold for $27.99

Vintage or special edition Monopoly games always sell quickly for me.

"Cluedo Board Game - Vintage 1983 - 100% Complete - Contents VGC - Waddingtons"

Bought for $2 - sold for $17.99

Cluedo is also a quick selling board game for me.

"The Great Australian Road Trip Trivia Board Game - Reader's Digest - Unplayed"

Bought for $3 - sold for $27.99

"Holden VU Ute : A New Legend - PAL VHS Video - Hosted by Peter Brock - 2001 RARE"

Bought for 50 cents - sold for $15.99

This is just a short promo video from Holden to sell some shiny new car.  Cars = high interest.  Also hosted by Peter Brock, a famous Australian race car driver, who died in a race car crash a few years ago.   So this hits a few interest buttons.   I had no other sales to compare this to when I priced it, so I just put this price on it, and waited.  Took a few months, but finally sold just before I was going to reduce the price.

I'll go back to job searching (there'll be a separate blog on that farce), and sitting here like a gargoyle glaring at my "Promotional Offers" box on my eBay dashboard.


  1. the 10000 free listings for over $100, was that for BIN or auction? You could be ballsy enough and list everything at $100 and add Best Offer lol

    You seem to do quite well with board games. Do they sell mostly in Australia or do you ship abroad? I never know which ones to look for but I will start looking at the monopoly ones.

    my sales have sucked as well

    1. Oooh, I like the way your mind works. The 10,000 was for BIN & Auction. Not sure if I'm ballsy enough to do that, but i LOVE the idea.

      I only sell games within Australia because of the postage cost. But I have had someone from the US want to buy a Monopoly Australia game because they wanted to collect all the versions of the game. I find that games sell quite quickly, but you end up with a lot of useless games that have pieces missing - but they are good for replacement parts.