Saturday, 10 August 2013

A lesson learned

Excuse me, whilst I slink back onto my blog that I have ignored recently.  Sorry about that!

The other day I received a "kick in the bum" email from a buyer.     

He was the buyer of this game, that I had sold for my sister.  It sold for $21.99

His email stated that I could not wrap a vintage game in some bubble-wrap and expect it to arrived undamaged, that my packaging had been inadequate to protect the game, and I should have put more thought into it.   He said he was more forgiving than other buyers that would have left me an instant negative.   He ended the email with the words "from one ebay seller to another."

My stomach became an acid bath, and I deleted the email with a petulant finger.   How dare he tell me what to do!!!    I would ignore his words, and he could take his email and shove it.

An hour passed, and I began to think about the email.  Of course he was right.  As I packaged the game, I remembered thinking that I should add some cardboard to the outside, as the lid was especially damaged.  The game box was not heavy cardboard at all, but at 40 years old had softened.  

But I didn't add that extra cardboard.   Do you know why ....  because it would ruin the look of the parcel.  I wanted the game to arrive neatly covered in bubble-wrap with my sticker on the top.   Cardboard would have ruined the look.

Shame on me.

I had gotten caught in the trap of worrying about looks, and following the same process for each game instead of treating each game differently depending on its condition.

I replied to the buyer's message, humbly telling him that he was right in his criticism, and apologised.  I thanked him for giving me the "kick in the pants" that I needed.

A couple of days later he left positive feedback of "thanks".  I checked my DSRs and noticed that he'd dinged me for "item as described".   I took that one on the chin as being deserved.  I was thankful for not getting negative feedback.

So after 10 years on eBay, I had become stuck in a rut with the wrapping of my items.  Process as follows : - wrap with bubble-wrap or brown paper - stick label on - pretty parcel ready to go. 

This was a great lesson to learn, to really think about the item I'm packing for postage, and treat each item individually, instead of just another parcel on a processing line.

Even though my bum hurt after a good kicking, I was proud that I had seen the error of my ways, instead of acting like a kicked puppy.   Who knows, I might even become a grown-up soon.

...  Off to sit on my icepack now.    ;-)


  1. So, you never box you items? Just wrap them in bubblewrap and put a label on them?

    1. Gosh no!!! The label I mention is the "thanks for shopping with me" label. The item then gets put into a poly-mailer. I only use boxes when the item is breakable , as mailing boxes are very expensive to buy here, and I can never find a used one that is the right size.

  2. LOL. OK, it sounded like you just wrap in bubble wrap or brown paper, and stick a mailing label on.

    1. Yes, Scott. I realised that after I saw your comment, and re-read my blog. Oopsy! :-)