Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Resistance is futile !!!!

I've not blogged in a while.

Just haven't had anything to say, really.

Life is just, blah.   I'm feeling kind of flat.  Kind of like I'm stuck in a rut, and can't get out of it.   Like I'm trying to plug a leaky dam and there's more holes there than I have fingers.  Or I'm pushing a boulder uphill on my own.  

And sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to have somebody else there to share things with, and stop my life from flat-lining all the time.

The only thrill in my life is when I get served by the cute man at the post office, and he says "Is there anything else I can do for you today?"

I've been mulling that question over, so I wrote a long list of things.  Might give it to him next time he asks, but I don't want him to run screaming in the direction of away.    

Gotta keep that tiny light in my life.

Anyhoo, enough moaning.  The customer who gave me a negative, and said she would remove it if I sent her a replacement card for the board game - well, she lied.

I sent the card.  Waited about 5 days, and then sent a feedback revision with polite message.  The revision expired with no response from her.

I had 2 other copies of the same game.

I sold the second one I had, and it made decent $.   So what I did was photocopy the card I sent to the Big Fat Liar ( I will glue it to some card), and I will sell my third copy of the game with a "replacement copy card", and see how it goes.

I downgraded my store to a Basic Store on the 28th of May. With this, I get 80 free listings a month.    After downgrading my store 80 free listings appeared in my account, I wasn't expecting them quite so quickly with 3 days still to go.   They ran out on the 31st May.    I assumed they were for the next month, and  used them all up.   Then on the 1st June, another 80 free listings appeared.    Double free listings.  Score!   Took those and ran with them, looking just a little bit shady.  Wasn't sure if they really belonged to me.

This month as all the crap in my store rolls off the 'one week where they offered 2000 free listings' from last month, I will gradually decrease the number of items in my store. 

Books will now get sent to Fishpond.  They have changed their selling policy, thank goodness!  It now only costs $9.95 for me to take a box of stuff to the Post Office.   Once they enter the stuff at their end, I choose the price it will sell for.   Hurrah!   Most of my books will end up there from now on.

I'm concentrating more on videos and board games now.  

I've nothing really exciting in sales.  The Queen's Birthday long weekend got me a few sales, which was a welcome change.

Here are some of the vaguely interesting things I have sold recently:

I'm selling this for a friend, we go halves on final price.
This was my first auction in ages.

I bought this book over a year ago for 50 cents.  I can't believe it took this long to sell.  So glad to see it go!

This game only took a month to sell.  My sister picked it up for me for $2. 

I found this pile of westerns in my cupboard, and decided to get rid of them.  I had been debating selling them as they were a little tatty/repaired/stained.    They only took a week to sell.  They are like gold here in Australia.

I'm excited, that I have one parcel to post tomorrow.   Eeep!  Off to the Post Office I go.   :-)


  1. Haha! I always send my man off to the PO as the post mistress is French (obviously, as we live in France and you can't be a foreigner to work for Laposte) and he enjoys a little flirty exchange - I think it keeps him young :)

    1. LOL! Carol, I never thought about that. Good harmless fun. The old lads are always chatting up the ladies who work at my PO, so I'm evening the odds.