Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Update - I found the culprit

Of course I couldn't let it rest.  I wanted to know what I had done wrong.  I spent my whole afternoon using eBay reports to hunt the culprit down who had caused me to lose my Top Seller Rating.

I went all Sherlock Holmes on her arse, and the butler did not do it.   I was, quite frankly, shocked to see who the guilty party was.

The culprit contacted me on 10th March asking me about combined postage for 2 books.  I informed her that the postage for 2 books was the same as for 1 book.  She was happy.  She purchased the said books.
I sent her invoice with a happy friendly message (as usual) and she paid for them on 12th March at night.

I posted them on the 14th (as I do my packing the night before, and her payment came very late at night.

Postage was $6.50 for a 500g satchel with parcel tracking.  The normal cost - nothing nasty added here.
I emailed her with the tracking details and a nice message.    Tracking shows the parcel arriving on the 19th.  (Don't ask me why it took that long to get to New South Wales)  ????

Then on the 25th she left me this sterling feedback:

   Because she bought 2 books from me, she had the pleasure of giving me :

*   a Rating 2 in Communication + a Rating of 2 in Postage Charges for "Shattered"


*  and a Rating 2 in Postage Charges for "Dewey".

What the heck?   Was she just randomly pulling ratings out of her bum?     Although I wasted my day doing this I feel better.   I had other ideas of who the culprits were, and I was completely wrong.  My apologies to them.   I now know I didn't deserve those ratings.   I have a very thin hide, I needed to know the what-fors and who-bys.   I am sated.

Needless to say this person has been blocked.

I have her address, and I'm sending around my new boyfriend (tee hee!) to rip her a new one:

This article was of great help to me.   I will set up a template of a report where I can quickly pinpoint any future culprits.   (please, nooooooo)

I ache all over, I need a hot bath and a bottle or two of wine.



  1. Aww, don't let it get you down.Just think how great the rest of your year will be if this is the worst that happens.I figure everyone has a wonky buyer/experience during their year and you got yours in March.Glass half full ;)

    1. Ah Spymay - you half glass full person. We need people like you to keep the world spinning happily. :-)

  2. do you think maybe she misunderstood the rating system?

    1. Laura, who knows, it's possible? I don't see any education about these things on Ebay. She rated me high on the other 3 options.