Monday, 5 March 2012

Nightmares !!....

They say bad things happen in threes - so maybe this week will be less painful.  'Cos last week sucked. Hence the silence on the Blog airwaves, until this rant.   

Nightmare - Stage 1 :    It started with an email from Ebay letting me know that I had been slapped with an MC109 Copyright Violation for a DVD I was selling.  I was amazed.  This was a still-sealed in packaging DVD that I had bought off eBay a few years ago.   I bought it, forget about it, then decided to sell it, as it was brand new.

I looked at the DVD cover and compared it to others.  It looked exactly the same to me until, finally, I saw the cover was missing the "Sullivan Entertainment" title along the top that the other DVD covers had.     I unwillingly took it out of the plastic wrapping and looked at the disc inside.   Yes, it's a printed one.   I'll put it in my DVD collection, but it will bring me no joy knowing it's a pirated copy. 

 I did a Sherlock Holmes tracing back through my feedback left as a Buyer and found the culprit.  I was hoping to find the same DVD and BURN THEIR ARSE!   But they weren't selling it.  Foiled this time!  I will have my revenge.   *mutter, mutter, rant, snort*

Nightmare - Stage 2 :  The Dentist.   My dentist is lovely.  Fortunately he is young, because if he ever retires or moves away, I will be devastated.   I trust him, and he knows me and treats me gently as he knows that I am a wimp, and not-more-than-a-little-unhinged.     He knows I am a freak-a-zoid about anything dental.   I had put off the visit for a year, but lately I knew something was wrong.    He does the x-ray and says "One of the roots on your back molar is dead, and there's an infection under it."    I either pull it out, or do a root canal  !!!!

A freaking root canal!!!    I remember the last one - he kept having to give me injections because I kept feeling him digging around in the nerves there!!!   I think there was 7 needles altogether.  Never again!   NO WAY!   I said goodbye to that horrible molar.   Yup, that was fun, getting that puppy yanked out of my mouth.

Nightmare - Stage 3 :  Feeling sorry for myself, moping around the next day, I check my feedback which I do every day.

This hits me in the face:

This was from a sale over a month ago.   The lady said the disc was cracked.   I apologised and refunded all.  She seemed happy with that - out of the blue, I get this negative.  I sent her an email asking to change it, but I don't think she gives a crap and she's a newbie.

The next day I got an email from another seller.     He notices she left me negative feedback as she has done to him, and wants us to "join forces" and get it removed by eBay.   So I go and look at the feedback she has left.

Aha, now it all makes sense.  She went to leave negative feedback after his disc didn't work, and then remembered my transaction - she was pissed off - I got sucked into her pissy-vortex.

I'll have to tell the other seller "no go" with his idea of removing feedback, much as I'd like to do a Darth Vader on her arse.  Not only is it not possible in these circumstances, but the fact that she bought the same software from him that she did from me, just proves that she was telling the truth about mine being cracked.  Sorry pal.

So after those days I was a bit :

So I knocked back a few of my pain-killers (ie. wine) and moped around.  Then my sales started going down the poop-chute, I had to pull my finger out, or I'd have no money for further pain-killers.

Less whiney blog to follow tomorrow (if my finger isn't still stuck!)  :-)


  1. I love a little wine too! Hope this week is better for you!

  2. Thanks Lisa. This week has been better. Hope yours is good too. Cheers! *clink*