Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Living with blank walls

I moved into my new tiny unit a couple of years ago during an emotional time.  I hated the place, and only moved here because it was all I could afford.  I had no "job" at that time, and my only personal income was my Ebay shop.  I went to see my local bank manager for a loan, I was a little proud because I said I was a small business owner.   He looked at my figures and said "Is that all your business makes?"   I came home in tears and put my head under the sheets and vowed never to come out again.   I said I would live here a year and by then I would have a job and I could move somewhere I like and enjoy life again.

Fast forward two years - and I'm still living in the same tiny unit.   My job interviews have been disasters, and now I'm focusing on getting my Ebay shop sales to a figure that won't make the wanker gob-shite bank manager laugh.   I find I'm liking these tiny walls that I exist between.

The trouble is ... that they're blank - not only that, now that I come to really look at them - they are beige.  Oh dear.

So, I'm sick of these blank walls.   I read somewhere that the way people's houses are decorated show their personality.    So, I guess that means I'm bland, empty and hollow.      The walls in my sister's house are so crammed with stuff, that it takes a spider an hour to get just to cross a wall.   Those poor spiders - they're very fit in her place.  In mine they're fat and lazy, just sliding down that smooth wall.  I want ninja spiders!

I have lots of pictures from the other house - they are stuffed in corners behind and between furniture, and in the back of the wardrobe.   I didn't want them in this house.  This was my fresh start and I wanted the pictures to be ones I chose.    But now I'm taking a fresh look at them - after all, they were my choices in the first place.  Why should they suffer my fate and get tossed aside?

These pictures have been sitting collecting dust for two years.  Lets have a look at them with fresh eyes.

Here is what I found in the first pile:


Why would I not want these up?  I used to do lots of cross-stitch.  Some of these are dated 1997 - wow!

I did a silk ribbon embroidery class with my ex-mother-in-law about 5 years ago.  I had totally forgotten about this one.

My mum gave me this for Christmas about 7 years ago.  My cousin Diane did this - it's a pastel drawing.

Not only did I find some things worth putting up, it reminded me that I need to get crafting again.  I've got three plastic containers full of DMC wool all anally numbered and ready to go.  All I need is a chart and some Aida cloth and I can get started again.   I'm even a little excited. 

I might leave the other pile for another day.

Here are some op shop finds that I have gotten over the last 2 years for decorating my blank walls.

This one makes me laugh - I did buy it two years ago for $2.  I proudly showed everyone in my family and said it was the first picture I had bought for my new house.   Where has it been all this time?   In the back of the wardrobe.

Look at these fat little birdies :-)

This cute little plate costed me 50 cents.  It's hand-painted and signed, dated 1988.  It already has little holes in the back for the picture wire :

I love this one because it's so bright and sunny.  It has no name or date on it.  I think this costed me $4 at the Salvos:

This one is sweet.  I like the lace-like look around the edges.  This one has a named etched into the back.  It costed me $1:

I got a couple of those plate-hangers for Christmas so I should be able to get these up easily.

What are the walls of your house like?  Are they filled with photos of loved ones or do they have gaping gaps in them?

So over the next few months I will make the goal of filling those blank walls and prove that I am not as boring as I think.   

I will post photos when I do put my picture/plates up to show that my blank walls are no longer alone - they have friends on it - they are not just there to hold up the roof.

Then soon, ** rubbing hands together **  -  soon, I'll have ninja spiders.


  1. I have a total of 5 pictures up in my entire house. I have one clock and one plaque so a total of 7 things. I think Im just lazy.

    1. Becky, maybe you're just not a pictures everywhere kind of person, like me! P.S. I am also very lazy.

  2. Your cross stitch is lovely! Hang it all!! :)

  3. Replies
    1. My mother would hunt me down for all eternity if I did that, DJ !!! :-)