Wednesday, 1 February 2012

This is my first step into the cyber-world of blogging, please hold my hand as I waddle with baby-steps and let you see into my unsocial world.

Today, I went to my local op-shop (thrift shop to my overseas friends).  It is not affiliated with just one charity, but all proceeds goes to my local community & charities (Fire Brigade, State Emergency Services, local Animal Shelters and more).  Not only is this shop mega-cheap and clean - the ladies who work there are super-nice and work very hard.  I go there every week and they know me well.

The op-shop is located in a small house and the rooms are tiny.   Each room holds different clothing types - men's, women's, babies, children and larger-size women's clothing.    You fill a plastic bag with clothes for $5.   If you roll them up - you can fit a lot of clothes in one bag.  If there is one other person in the room it can become quite a wrestle with lots of "excuse me's" and quite astonishing feats of contortionism.  I also find it helpful to sharpen my elbows to ward off the grabbers - those ones that sidle up to you, and grab something from the rack right in front of your face!

I was innocently perusing the ladies nighties rack, when I noticed this shady character lurking in the corner.   I call him "Shane", after that great nob - Shane Warne.

Yes, there he was with his pants around his ankles - there were some nice silky nighties there, but there is no need for that kind of behaviour sir!

I kept one beady eye on him as I went through the racks.  I even found a few tops for myself - usually they are all too tiny or too large.   I haven't tried them on yet, but try them on later and hope that they'll fit me just fine and won't gape between my boobs to let the fresh air in, or lovingly strangulate my love handles.

I crept out the room - but as I did - Shane (pervy guy) "winked" at me.   Ewww.  I hope he made use of the small toilet and washed his hands later, the filthy thing.

Then I hit the children's room - filled with clothes for babies and younger kiddies.    It's a small room - with one rack low and one rack high up.   Now I'm vertically challenged, so I find having to reach up about 10cm above my head to shuffle through clothing is quite an effort.  I am sure in a few more months I will have one over-muscley shoulder and RSI in one arm.

I scored big with the kids stuff. There was lots of ultra-cute clothes - especially for girls.  Apart from the 4 tops for me - I filled 2 plastic bags with kiddies clothes.   That costed me a total of $10 - for what turned out to be 40 items of clothing - that's 25 cents an item.  Not bad, aye?

Here is a look at the pile of kids clothes I got:

Amongst them were these cute little skirts:

And these cute little dresses ...

I wish I could fit into the denim dress here :-) :

So, what happens now - I have a great honking pile of children's clothes, and nowhere to put them (certainly there are no children to put them on) ????

Did I mention that I also have bags of kids clothes in my closet?   There is no room for my own clothes, my clothes are of secondary importance as the *don't make me any money* !!

How do I sort through these cute (and sometimes very grotty) items of clothing, and what's the next step in getting these)  organised and clean enough to sell on Ebay.   What's my secret for getting these clothes clean and ironed??

Stay tuned.  I will answer this question and also talk about the video-stravaganza I found in the bric-a-brac section of the same op-shop.

Coming up, I will ponder life's great mysteries, such as:

~ Who the hell voted for Matt Damon as sexiest man in the world?

~ Are red-heads really going to be extinct - and should I feel guilty for not breeding and keeping them out of zoos?

~ How come men go all child-like in their old age and their bums disappear?   And how come women's bums triple in size, and they learn the delight of growing a beard/moustache combo?   I'd better start looking at some facial hair styling that will suit my face shape.  That old Big M is looming !!!


  1. Nice Work on your inaugural voyage. Tres Bien & Sassy!

    dj from americar

  2. great finds I wish the thrift stores here would do the bags of clothes for a set amount. My favorite one that moved last october used to do that but all the clothes were outdated and gross. Since they moved, they no longer sell clothing

  3. Thanks for your kind works, DJ!

    Becky, this is a very rare thing here - I'm very lucky that this op-shop is just around the corner. Basically they have so little storage room and so many clothes that they need to move it on quickly.
    Sorry your favourite one moved, and changed their stock.