Monday, 4 February 2013

I've got a free ticket to ride !!!!

Ebay - Feebay  - this week I have given it another name - FreeBay.

It started last Thursday.    I was doing a "sell similar" on some products that had ended.

At the end of it all, a screen came up with the price crossed out and the total cost of $0.00 shown.

I shook it off as just a silly quirk of eBay.  I relisted 30 items as 'Sell Similar' and got the same message for all.    Just for a hoot, I looked at my eBay account, and it showed no listing fees for that day at all.

I was intrigued.  On my 12 years on eBay, I have NEVER HAD ONE SINGLE FREE LISTING.  I read on eBay Underground about people getting offers of free listings, so I assumed I had come up in the lottery for that day.

It was like my pants were on fire.  I was determined to list my items that cost a lot more per listing (ie. games, clothing, toys) at 20 cents a pop, rather than my usual media items (videos, books, magazines) at 5 cents a pop.  I went crazy.

Just to mention, I was very depressed that morning, because my sales had been so terrible.  We're talking $100 a week.  Not even enough to buy my food.   I was in tears.

This pulled me out of my blue funk and got me working hard for the rest of the day.   I listed another 20 new items, and listed some 10 others clothing and games that I'd been putting off.

That night the items were still coming up free, so I ended 30 items that were finishing the next day, and relisted them - just for a hoot!   I was squeezing that free listings day until it had no air left in it!!   I *throttled* it to death!

The next morning, my sell similar's came up free again.  I couldn't believe it - I spent another day slogging through listings.  When I ran out of puff, I ended the items finishing the next day and re-listed them for free.  I was on a roll.

Then it happened the next day, and the next, and the next.  It is now Monday.    I did a 'sell similar' on 10 items, and got charged for them.  My luck had run out !!!!

Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted!!!   I'm still waiting for a huge fee to suddenly get dumped onto my account.  For the moment it is showing this new information in my Account Page:

I mean - wow!  It almost makes up for the horrifying $20 hike in my eBay store fees.   Almost.  Well kinda.  Well - no, not really.

I had a terrible run of 3 weeks with half the amount of sales than usual.    Then it was like the lights came on.  I had 4 sales within an hour at 10pm which is unheard of.  Then some more sales the next morning - and then it slowed to a trickle again.  

Sales This Week Worth Mentioning:

This was my only auction this week.  I was selling it on behalf of a friend, where we go halvies.   Car memorabilia is VERY collectable.   I watched the end of the auction, so I got my ONLY thrill in a long time.   (note:  don't have enough money to buy new batteries  *wink*)

I don't know what my friend paid for this.  Probably not much.

A basketball fan bought both this game & video:

Video: costed 20 cents
Game :  costed $2 ??

This Target ladies suit, I've had in my closet to sell for over a year.  What put me off, was the jacket and skirt were different sizes.    Free listing made me rethink it and realise, that we can be a different sizes top and bottom.  I made it clear in the listing.  This sold the next day.  

Total cost:  no more than 50 cents

Hurrah! Another pull-my-finger-out-of-my-bum free listing.  This will help pay for my food this week!

Total cost : about $7

Even though the free ride has ended, I'm inspired to clear the clothes in my wardrobe, if only to get the wardrobe space back!

Picked up some interesting items at the op shops this week.  Hopefully I will blog about them tomorrow.


  1. Hey Karina, glad to hear things are picking up for you. My hubby always says, "The harder I work, the Luckier I get." Seems to work! :)

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  2. I had gotten the free listings the time before this last promotion. I ended all my listings that had 10 days or less and relisted them for free. It sure was nice.