Monday, 25 February 2013

Heat Wave !!!

I'm finding it VERY hard to get any work done during this heatwave.   After more than a week of 30+ Celsius temperature, I am grumpier than the Grumpy Cat.   I hate you summer - go away!

No sleep, water from the cold tap comes out boiling, and I have absolutely NO will to do any work.

I have no cooling in my flat.   In December, I bought some black fabric from the local op shop, and hung it over my living room and kitchen windows.   These two rooms now look like a Goth wonderland, but it keeps the blasted sun out.   Maybe one day in another destiny, I will be able to afford outside blinds.

Because I'm not getting much new stuff listed, I'm forcing myself to update my ebay items with adding lots of item specifics.    Great information on this on Tina's blog here.      This allows me to feel like I'm getting work done without having to move around too much!   I'm going through my videos at the moment  (not even a quarter of the way through yet!), and it's also allowing me to find videos that have slipped through the "sell similar" cycle, and are just sitting there languishing on my shelf taking whatever substances videos take to get themselves high.  I cleaned up their act pretty quick smart.

Only 920 items in my shop to update with the specifics, but I think it's already having an effect on my sales.

If I could pull my finger out and blog more often, I wouldn't have to try to fit so much in each one!!!

Some of my purchases from my last blog have sold.

These blank videos:

Cost :  about $2
Sold:  $23

The Betty Neels books:

Cost:  $2
Sold:  $30

I still haven't put up the Pyrex, mug, doll or bowl.  :-(

Did I mention this calculator I had bought about 6 months ago.   I dug it up last week in and looked up the prices again.  They hadn't looked so good when I first got it, but now it is the beginning of the new school year.  The high school students were now looking for them, and it has pushed the price up.  Sometimes it's just all about the timing.

So I listed it at a cheeky price near the upper end of the selling scale, and it sold a week later.  Now I'm looking everywhere for calculators, but I will never find another one.

I had also decided to stop selling the children's clothing bulk lots because they weren't moving.   I used to sell them in lots of the same size, but to get rid of them, I mixed the lots across 2 sizes and lowered the price a little.  Suddenly they started flying out of the store.   The last couple of weeks the money from these sales helped a lot, and having that few larger amounts put into my Paypal account *really* helped to lift my spirits.  

So yes - now I'm selling them again - but now I'm merging sizes, and dropping the price a little.    They still make a nice profit for me.   I'm keeping away from baby clothes, and sticking to the Size 2 and up.  ( But the baby clothes are SOOO cute!!!)     Lessons learned.

I go to two libraries a week - my local one and the one near my parents.   I love my libraries, and I don't know what I'd do without them.  I need my books to read!  I need to avoid reality as much as possible.

 Last week my local library had some good books on their For Sale table.  My eyes fell on lots of V C Andrews, and I swooped them up along with a lot of Buffy and Friends Forever books.  It was "fill a bag for $5" - so I got over 30 books.

The V C Andrews were two entire series.  I know these are good sellers, so I put them up ASAP, and they both sold quickly.   Still haven't put up the other books yet.   *guilty face*

It's funny, when I had my bookshop I would hate the sight of V C Andrew books.  I couldn't even sell them for $2 each.  If only I'd know then that I could have been selling them as sets on eBay for a good price!

Phew, it's 30 degrees now.  The forecast is for "storms" this afternoon.  What that means is lightning and thunder (no rain) which will do nothing but create more horrible grass fires, and cause the humidity to rise.

Waiting for a change.

Until then - like the wicked witch of the west - "I'm melting!"


  1. I'm hearing you girl....I'm completely over the heat....the days over 45 nearly killed me

  2. "I need to avoid reality as much as possible." Ha-ha! That is so true, I suspect, for many of us...but we don't have the guts to admit it! I love books for the same is an escape from the inevitable reality of my routine & predictable life. I just finished Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel... a wonderful book, and highly recommended escape!

  3. Oh V. C. Andrews. She opened up a world entirely unknown to me at the young age of 13. When I was in 8th grade, a friend of mine persisted that I borrow her book and read it as it was amazing (Flowers in the Attic). This was the first time I really gave reading a try and was hooked on reading from them on. I just recently read FITA again and enjoyed it as much as an adult as I did as a kid. Good to know they do well on ebay..will have to check out completeds here in the US. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else