Monday, 31 March 2014

Lost & Found

Eeek - I have nothing to say for a week or so, and then suddenly I have a lot to say.  So I need to space it into smaller messages each day instead of one rambling long message.

First and most importantly - my Dad went missing again yesterday.   Those who read my blog, may recall almost exactly a year ago, my Dad went missing for nearly 24 hours.  The original story was here.

Well yesterday, he left home at 11:30am to put petrol in the car and pick up some things from the supermarket.  Then he disappeared.

He has improved greatly since a year ago.  Put on weight and gained strength again.  It all turned out to be something to do with his kidneys & lack of iron in his bone marrow.    Anyhow, yes - he's still driving at 85 years of age.

Mum called me at 2:30pm to say that he hadn't come home.  My sister was driving the areas where he should have been but there was no sign of him.

By 4:30 we were all cruising the streets, uselessly searching for him or his car.  By 5:30 I was feeling ill because it was going to get dark soon.    I sat at home with my stomach churning wondering where the heck he was again - waiting for the phone to ring and hoping for good news.

Then at 6:00pm my Mum called.   She said he'd just called her from the hospital and quite calmly said "They said I can go now, can somebody come and pick me up?"

We don't know the full story yet - but apparently Dad went to a sports bar at a local restaurant (to make a sneaky bet, or to watch a horse race that he'd bet on) - fell over something , and cut himself on some glass.    The cuts aren't bad, but he has skin like tissue paper and bleeds like a stuck pig.    An ambulance was called and whilst we were all frantically running around for hours, he'd been lying in hospital getting his cuts looked at and flirting with the nurses.

He must have been at the hospital for hours.   Whilst we are happy he was looked after following his fall we are still trying to figure out why they never called us when he was first admitted.  

Oh well, at least the news was good in the end.    If I can muster up the courage I will go to the restaurant/sports bar today and try to find out exactly what happened and thank them for looking after Dad.  

In the meantime, my wish for free listings finally came true - they threw 100,000 free listings at me over 7 days so I was working like a mad thing to take advantage of them.    Will check in again soon!

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