Sunday, 2 December 2012

Favourite Sales So Far

Oh dear, I meant to list my best sales every 1-2 weeks, and now almost a month has slid sneakily by.   Whoops!

My board games saved my bacon the past few weeks.   They are selling very quickly, probably being brought up for the Christmas/school holidays coming up.   Some bulk book lots have done well too.

I was also indundated with a dearth of twit buyers, blatantly ignoring the fact the I had no 'pickup' option selected in my payment option, and mention NO PICKUPS in the listing.    They just buy the item, and then email me telling me when they can pick it up.   I'm not having a stranger come to my house to make $7 on a book, thanks very much, Mr & Mrs Twit.

My favourite sellers were these:

Vintage Test Match Board Game By John Sands ~ *VGC* ~ Cricket.  

Bought for $2.50.   Listed on 4 Nov
Sold:  $53.99 on 6 Nov.

Scene It Friends Edition DVD Game ~ Like New ~ Cards Still Sealed ~ Unused

I love it when I find a Friends Scene It game.  Picked up at the Salvos for a reasonable price (!!!!), and some parts of it were still sealed.   A very fast flip.    

Bought for $2.99.   Listed on 10 Nov.
Sold for $55  on 11 Nov.

Josephine Cox - Bulk Lot of 7 x Paperbacks

Bought for $1.40.   Listed on 15 Oct.
Sold for $17.99 on 7 Nov.

Chelsea Football Club - 6 x PAL VHS Videos ~Bulk Lot ~ Soccer 

Bought for $3.  Listed on 18 Nov.
Sold for $19.99 on 24 Nov.

This sale is very welcome, just to get rid of these videos.  I had them listed separately, but they weren't selling, so I threw them all together.   I was sick of the looking at the gormless faces on the cover with their mouths gaping in wonder at their ability to kick a ball around on a grassy field and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for it.


Of course a newbie has bought these.   I have had to hassle him to pay after day 6.   We'll see if he actually does.
I want these GONE!

Vintage Scrabble Game Set ~ 1955 ~ 100% Complete ~ *VGC* ~ Wooden Racks

Bought for $2.  Listed on 9 Nov.
Sold for $35.99 on 16 Nov.

Scotland Yard Vintage Board Game ~ 1983 ~ Contents in VGC ~ 100% Complete

Bought for $2.  Listed on 20 Nov.
Sold for $23.99 on 22 Nov.

I ALWAYS pickup Virginia (V.C.) Andrews books.  They will always be popular.  I list them in an entire series, and can usually get the books 20 cents each.   They are always a sure seller.

Virginia V. C. Andrew Complete Cutler Family Series ~ Set of 5 Books

Bought for $1.50.   Listed on 10 Nov.
Sold for $16.50 on 25 Nov.

This last sale has more than a tinge of sadness.  I've had this bulk lot of Bryce Courtenay books up for about 2 months.   He sadly passed away from cancer recently.

The next day, all my Bryce Courtenay books sold.

Bulk Lot of 6 x Bryce Courtenay Books ~ Four Fires/Matthew Flinders Cat/Tandia +

Bought for $2 ?.   Listed on 7 Nov.
Sold for $17.99 on 23 Nov.

I would rather have the books still for sale, and the lovely man still here to write more books.   :-(

You have been wonderful too, Mr Courtenay.

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